CONNOR MARTIN enviormental 1.jpg

Artist Statement 

My art is a visual language of emotional expression. My images don't conform. They are reactions to life and my surroundings. Transitions and pauses in life, from simple moments to dramatic events.  I enjoy the physical act of painting. This physical act is an important part of the painting which becomes an event that can be seen in each painting.

I work mainly in acrylic. I find acrylic lends itself nicely to an abstract impressionistic style. The paint dries quickly so I can stay in the moment of the expressions that I am trying to convey on canvas. Most of my pieces are untitled. My hope is that this allows the viewer to react and experience each piece uniquely.  I hope to never settle into a specific manner of painting.  I see so many painters, events and scenes to react to.  I have seen my work ebb, flow and evolve over the years. This evolution is constantly rewarding.